The Amazing Maurice Showtimes Near Classic Cinemas Charlestowne 18 (2024)

1. The Amazing Maurice - Classic Cinemas

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  • Every town on Discworld knows the stories about rats and pipers, and streetwise tomcat Maurice leads...

2. Classic Cinemas Charlestowne 18

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  • 18 screen movie theatre in St. Charles, IL with luxury recliner seats and free refills on freshly popped popcorn, sodas and self-serve ICEEs. Features a premium XQ auditorium with a massive widescreen, 4K laser projection, and DTS:X multidimensional sound.

3. Events - AfterImage Film Festival

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5. The Amazing Maurice - BioRex Cinemas

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  •  A streetwise cat and his gang of rats come up with the perfect money making scheme.  

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The Amazing Maurice Showtimes Near Classic Cinemas Charlestowne 18 (2024)


The Amazing Maurice Showtimes Near Classic Cinemas Charlestowne 18? ›

A lovely animation that captures the heart and spirit of Pratchett's prose, The Amazing Maurice is an entertaining adventure for all the family. Fresh score. "Maurice" really is amazing ... and a tribute to the wit of the late Sir Terry Pratchett.

Is The Amazing Maurice worth watching? ›

A lovely animation that captures the heart and spirit of Pratchett's prose, The Amazing Maurice is an entertaining adventure for all the family. Fresh score. "Maurice" really is amazing ... and a tribute to the wit of the late Sir Terry Pratchett.

What is the movie Amazing Maurice about? ›

Why is The Amazing Maurice rated PG? ›

In addition to the violent scenes and scary visual images mentioned above, The Amazing Maurice has some scenes that could scare or disturb children aged 5-8 years. For example: Malicia is about to hit a rat with a saucepan when he starts talking to her.

Where can I watch The Amazing Maurice and his educated rodents? ›

Watch The Amazing Maurice Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)

Is Maurice a good movie? ›

Maurice is a pleasant piece of queer period drama with a satisfying story and a superb cast.

Who did Maurice end up with? ›

The epilogue ends with Maurice and Alec in each other's arms at the end of the day and discussing seeing Kitty and resolving that they must move on to avoid detection or a further meeting.

Is The Amazing Maurice funny? ›

An animated comedy based on Terry Pratchett's semi-parodic children's novel “The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents,” the film abounds with this style of flamboyant, self-congratulatory humor, as Malicia and the talking feline hero Maurice (voiced by Hugh Laurie) routinely break the fourth wall with satirical ...

What is the message of Maurice? ›

As Clive goes on to completely reject Maurice by marrying out of need instead of from desire, and Maurice finds solace in the hands of a lower-class gamekeeper, “Maurice's” message grew broader: If you can live a life without the intoxication of passion, you don't know who you are.

Who is the villain in The Amazing Maurice? ›

Spider is the main antagonist in the Discworld book The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents.

Is there a credit scene in The Amazing Maurice? ›

There is a statement at the end of the closing credits: "GNU Terry Pratchett." This is a semaphore code in the Discworld that honors the deceased, and serves as a dedication to Discworld creator Pratchett. Part of the closing credits are a sequence of illustrated scenes from the film.

Is Amazing Maurice on Netflix? ›

WILL THE AMAZING MAURICE BE ON NETFLIX? No, The Amazing Maurice will not be on Netflix — at least not any time soon. In the meantime, you'll just have to head out to theaters or wait for it to become available on digital platforms.

What is the boss man in The Amazing Maurice? ›

It is Beans, who, alone, stands up to the incredible mental power of the mysterious Boss Man (a Rat King).

Is The Amazing Maurice on Hulu? ›

Watch The Amazing Maurice with a subscription on Hulu, rent on Fandango at Home, Prime Video, Apple TV, or buy on Fandango at Home, Prime Video, Apple TV.

Where can I find the Amazing Maurice? ›

The Amazing Maurice, an animated movie starring Hugh Laurie, Emilia Clarke, and David Thewlis is available to stream now. Watch it on Disney Plus, Hulu, Fandango at Home, Prime Video, ROW8 or Apple TV on your Roku device.

What is the Amazing Maurice playing on? ›

Prime Video: The Amazing Maurice.

What age is the amazing Maurice and his educated rodents book appropriate for? ›

Product information
Publisher‎Corgi; New edition (July 1, 2013)
Reading age9 - 12 years
Grade level‎4 - 7
8 more rows

What age is The Amazing Maurice book for? ›

9 - 11 years

Does The Amazing Maurice have a post credit scene? ›

The rats get to live in the middle of town and Bad Blintz becomes a tourist attraction with its talking rats, including a job for Keith as the town's official piper. The post-credits scene referred to a special remembering of Terry Pratchett.

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