Summer Camps for Children and Youth (2024)

A wide variety of camps for children of all ages are offered at Queen’s in spring and summer.

From sports to geography, art, and eco-adventures, there is something for everyone.

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Queen's Summer Camps


The camps listed on this website have been approved by the Queen’s Camp Compliance Oversight Group (CCOG).For more information, please refer to the university's Policies and Procedures for Activities Involving Minors.

Please use the individual camp contacts for information on specific programs details, to confirm dates, and to register.

  • Camps are subject to change.
  • Some dates not yet available.

Summer Engineering Academy

Connections Engineering Outreach offers a variety of summer programming options through our Queen’s Summer Engineering Academy (QSEA) for students currently in grades 1 to 11.

Summer Engineering Academy

Agnes Art Camp

Join us for Agnes Art Camp, week-long day camps for children ages 6-8 and 9-12 that run through July and August. Agnes Camp Counsellors and Art Educators guide small groups of campers in process-based artmaking and interpretation. New and exciting themed activities are planned for each week. We dive into sculpture, painting, print-making, collage and more.

Agnes Art Camp

Eco-Adventure Camp

Eco-Adventure Camp offers educational summer day camps at scenic Elbow Lake Environmental Education Centre (a campus of the Queen’s University Biological Station) for children aged 8-12, and a Leader-in-Training program for youth aged 13-18.

Our day camp incorporates outdoor adventure activities, such as canoeing and hiking, with science experiments, arts and crafts, special guests, and much more!

Our Leader in Training Program (LIT) is an advanced four-day, 3-night program for youth interested in improving their leadership and outdoors skills. This includes an opportunity for LITs to volunteer during our day camp and gain volunteer hours towards their high school diploma.

Eco-Adventure Camp

ASUS Summer Camps

ASUS Camps is a not-for-profit, student-run summer camp aimed at engaging the imagination and creativity of Kingston youth.

We offer camp programming for children ages 4-8 to encourage interest in arts and science from a young age. Our camps run from July to August. Each week is comprised of a unique theme and a variety of engaging activities!

ASUS Camps

Barefoot Players

Thank you for your interest in The Barefoot Players theatre troupe. We are sorry to announce that the Barefoot Players Camps and Shows will not be offered in spring/summer 2024. We are gathering our resources with plans to return in 2025.

Barefoot Players

Math Quest

Math Quest is a residential mathematics camp for high school girls interested in math and science who have curiosity for exploring new ideas. We work (and play!) with hands-on activities that are completely different from problems you’d typically find in the high school math classroom. We’ll find mathematical structure and beauty in games, the arts, and the natural world -- among other places.

Our counsellors are Queen’s students, grads, and undergrads, who give campers a real campus summer experience and allow them to make new friends from other parts of Ontario and across Canada.

Math Quest

Science Quest

Science Quest offers high-quality, interactive STEM content, including Kinder Creators, Junior Thinkers, Tech & Coding, Science & Engineering, Girls Quest, and Robotics camp.

These camps are run by Queen’s University Science and Engineering students who create brand-new camp content every year and can’t wait to share it with you! Sign up today!

Science Quest

McDonald Institute's Summer of Science

The Summer of Science enrichment program for high school and middle school students (including students graduating this June). The Summer of Science program is led by undergraduates and joined by scientists at the McDonald Institute.

Participating students explore through hands-on activities a variety of science content and practices that are part of the every-day job of the astronomers and particle physicists at the McDonald Institute.

McDonald Institute's Summer of Science


Queen's Athletics & Recreation is the leading camp provider in the Kingston area, with more than 1,500 annual summer participants!

Q-Camps offers a variety of theme and sports camps for all age groups and skill levels (5-18) that provide a welcoming and inclusive environment. From our beginner preschool camps to our Gaels High-Performance camps, our Q-Camps program develops friendships, promotes a healthy and active lifestyle, improves athletic skills, and most of all ensures a lot of fun!

We offer sport specific camps as well as camps that are half STEAM focused and half sports focused. Whether it is rugby, coding, cycling or art camp, there is something for every child in Kingston throughout the calendar year.

All Q-Camps are developed with the Canadian Sport for Life physical literacy model in mind and are instructed by our sport-minded mature university students and Gaels student-athletes, who are trained and ready to lead an amazing and memorable experience!

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The IDEAS Camp is a weeklong summer camp offered to students aged 11-13 with the intention to provide access to physics education and mentorship as part of the IDEAS initiative. The IDEAS (Innovation, Diversity, Exploration & Advancement in STEM) Initiative is a volunteer organisation designed to oversee and coordinate activities that encourage the advancement of under-represented groups in the natural sciences and physics. The summer camp offers an opportunity for students of all backgrounds to participate in workshops, design projects, and laboratory exercises.


Shortwave Radio Theatre Camp, CFRC 101.9

Calling all creative youth in Kingston! Join CFRC 101.9 FM in July 2023 for our Shortwave Radio Theatre Camps - FREE week-long day camps for youth ages 12-16 at CFRC 101.9 FM at Queen's University. Our camp facilitators will guide small groups of campers through the process of creating radio theatre performances. New and exciting activities are planned for each week to provide opportunities for local youth to learn more about the art of radio and also of radio theatre production culminating in a broadcast performance at the end of each week.

CRFC Shortwave Radio Theatre Camp


Mathematics is full of wonder, beauty, and creativity. At RabbitMath, our goal is to deliver this experience to high school students by giving them the chance to work (and play!) with hands-on problems that are directly related to the Ontario Math Curriculum, but which are very different from problems that you might typically find in the classroom. Our emphasis is on the navigation and analysis of complex structures. Our activities are "low-floor, high-ceiling" which means that students at different grade levels can work together on the problems that arise. Along with this, we strive to provide our campers with the chance to meet and interact with like-minded individuals from across the country, as well as the chance to learn from instructors who use math every day - all in a safe, healthy, and inclusive environment.


Summer Camps for Children and Youth (2024)
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