Simple DIY Valentine’s Boxes For Kids - Active Littles (2024)


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Valentine’s Day is upon us!

With that, I brought back this simple activity I remember trying out in grade school.

My girls absolutely loved it!

Get this Valentines Printable to go along with this simple kids activity:

Get Preschool Themes and get the printable above and more for the entire year!

This simple Valentines day preschool activity can work for a differentiated set of ages.

I remember decorating my sticker Valentines box at school when I was in grade school.

Kids Valentines boxes are very easy to setup and can be made very easily with a recycled shoe box!

A few other materials are needed to make a simple set of Valentines box ideas and I cannot wait to share them with you.

For now, this set of cute Valentine boxes can be used in a school setting, homeschooling or just for fun when you are right at home with your littles.

I’ll be sharing how easy these simple and cute valentines day boxes are to make and a fun printable in our shop that can go along with it as well!

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5 Senses Free Printable


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Very easy setup and these are most to all of the materials that are needed to set up this simple set of Valentine boxes for kids!

Simple DIY Valentine’s Boxes For Kids - Active Littles (4)

What is a Valentine box?

I like to think of a Valentine Box as something that is easy for littles to make and craft and use for collecting their Valentines day cards and candies from friends, affirmation cards and more..

A simple and cute Valentine’s day boxes for school can be made easily with construction paper, markers, stickers and elmers glue!

How do you decorate a shoebox for Valentines Day?

Easy peasy!

Here are the steps we took to put together these simple and cool Valentines boxes for kids:

  • A recycled shoe box can absolutely be used but we tried out a recycled tissue box this time around. Same concept; In our opinion a tissue box is easier because of the premade hole at the top.

  • Cutout premade construction pieces so your LO can glue them onto their box.

  • I made sure to have one big piece for the bottom of the box, two long pieces and two short pieces for the sides, and one big pieces with a hole at the center for our top piece.

  • Then, use elmers glue to add to the construction pieces around the box.

  • Once, the pieces are glued well, start decorating!

  • We brought out stickers to decorate around the Valentines day boxes for kids.

  • Valentines day box decorating ideas can look like coloring, adding stickers, adding pom poms… to your cute valentines boxes for girls and boys.

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Simple DIY Valentine’s Boxes For Kids - Active Littles (5)

What do you put in a Valentines basket?

Here are some fun ideas and supplies we love for adding to a Valentine’s Day Basket for 3+:

And, more!

What other fun supplies can you think of adding into a Valentine’s Day Basket?

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How do you make a heart shaped Valentines box?

Definitely check out Valentine’s Day Heart Chocolate Boxes activity here!

We themed ours for Valentine’s Day and it incorporates a bit of an early learning twist (learning about shapes, colors, matching and more!)

I hope that you enjoyed these Valentines day games for preschoolers and for kids!

If you have not already, here are over 70 Valentine activities for preschoolers and for kids that are so much fun!

What other fun preschool Valentines day ideas have you tried out or are thinking of trying out this Valentine’s Day?

Share with me below!

I’d love to learn so maybe we can try out any preschool activities for Valentine day this coming holiday!

Happy Learning!

Simple DIY Valentine’s Boxes For Kids - Active Littles (6)

All activities to be done with adult supervision.
Simple DIY Valentine’s Boxes For Kids - Active Littles (2024)
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