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NFU Mutual offers two home insurance policies, a comprehensive buildings and contents insurance policy, and a bespoke cover option for those with larger houses.

Home insurance is designed to protect your home and your belongings should anything go wrong and it’s important to make sure the policy you buy meets your needs. When picking a policy you need to look at the terms and conditions and the policy document to see what’s included, along with comparing the price you’re given, and checking what existing customers think about the insurer.

About NFU Mutual home insurance

NFU Mutual dates back to 1910 when seven farmers from the Midlands set up a new union for the local farming community.

It now has more than 900,000 members and provides a range of services, including a range of general insurance policies, from its 300 local offices and online website. It also provides other personal finance products including ISAs and SIPPS.

As it’s a mutual company, and therefore has no shareholders, it pays out a mutual bonus discount if customers stay with it at renewal. This is paid when someone renews a farm, business, home, or car insurance policy.

The emphasis from NFU Mutual is on giving its members a personalised experience and tailoring products to meet their individual needs. It also prides itself on supporting local communities, protecting the environment, and championing rural communities.

What are the NFU Mutual insurance reviews like?

Ratings for NFU are slightly mixed, and that’s why it’s worth looking at a few different scores.


On Trustpilot NFU Mutual receives a score of 2.2 out of 5, and an average rating of ‘poor’ out of 220 customer reviews. Of those, 23% said excellent, 2% said great, 1% average, 5% poor, and 68% bad.


The independent ratings agency, Defaqto, has given its home insurance policy 5 stars.

It’s always worth looking at a few different reviews before you pick an insurer, as this will give you a more comprehensive view of what kind of company it is. Looking at social media feeds, such as Twitter and Facebook, is also a good idea and can show you customer feedback in real time.

What types of home insurance does NFU Mutual offer?

NFU Mutual has a few different types of home insurance. These include a single buildings or contents insurance policy, a combined buildings and contents policy, and a bespoke buildings and contents insurance policy for those with high-value houses or belongings.

With buildings and contents insurance, not only is the structure of your home protected but all your belongings are also covered on the policy. This means you would be covered if there was a fire, for example, and it destroyed the top layer of your home, but you’d also be covered to replace any belongings.

The policy from NFU Mutual contains the following:

  • The cost of repairing and replacing damage or loss to the sum you’ve chosen to insure

  • Locks and keys will be covered up to £1,000

  • Legal liability up to £2.5 million

  • Legal costs up to £50,000 for you or your family

  • Access to a 24-hour emergency helpline

Buildings insurance protects the structure of your home - the bricks and floors and everything attached to them. Under the buildings section of the policy, which can be bought as a standalone policy or combined with contents, you’ll get the following:

Contents insurance looks after all your belongings, up to an amount set by you. This protection only works when the items are in your home, such as if your home is burgled and things are stolen. However, if you do want to cover your items when you leave your house you can add ‘personal possessions’ to your policy for an additional cost.

The NFU policy also provides some cover for students when they’re away from home too, although only if they have a lock on their door.

Under the contents section of the policy, which can be bought as a standalone policy or combined with buildings insurance, you’ll get the following:

  • Cover of the sum of money you’ve chosen, up to a limit of £150,000

  • Alternative accommodation up to 25% of the amount insured

  • A £7,500 single-item limit

  • Theft from outbuildings of up to £5,000

  • Anything in your garden, up to £5,000 (£250 limit for any single tree, plant, or shrub)

  • Money kept in your home, up to £2,500

  • Up to £10,000 towards unauthorised credit card use

  • Student belongings when they’re outside the house, up to £7,500

What can you add onto an insurance policy?

There are several elements you can add onto a home insurance policy, for an additional cost including the following:

  • Full accidental damage cover to your building and contents

  • Home emergency cover of up to £1,000 per claim

  • Up to £10 million in legal cover

  • Personal belongings when you take them away from your home

  • Cover for additional properties, such as if you own a second home

  • Cover for small businesses, if you run your business from home

  • Personal accident insurance

  • Boat insurance

  • Holiday accommodation cover if you let your home out

General exclusions to the NFU home insurance policies

Some exclusions apply to all NFU home insurance policies including the following:

  • Damage caused by lack of maintenance or wear and tear

  • Storm or floor damage to gates or fences

  • Damage caused by domestic pets

  • Student belongings stolen from an unlocked room

NFU Mutual bespoke home insurance

If you can’t find a policy with enough cover, NFU Mutual offers a bespoke home insurance policy for those with high-value homes, estates, and manor houses.It can be completely tailored to the policy-holder’s lifestyle and you can add on specific items, such as expensive jewellery or fine art.

The following are all included as standard with this policy:

  • Accidental damage

  • Worldwide cover of your contents

  • Alternative accommodation for you, your family, and domestic pets

  • Legal expenses of up to £100,000

  • A 24-hour legal helpline

  • Home emergency cover, of up to £1,500 per claim

  • Cover for valuables, of up to £10,000 per item of jewellery

  • Cyber cover, of up to £50,000

Why choose NFU Mutual home insurance?

NFU Mutual is a well-known name and a trusted brand, offering a wide range of services for the past 100 years.

Its home insurance is highly rated and offers a lot of flexibility, so you should be able to find a policy that suits your needs. If not, there’s a range of add-ons to enhance your policy to provide enough cover for your home and belongings.

Pros and cons of NFU Mutual insurance

Here are some of the key benefits and drawbacks of the policies:

  • Flexible policies with a lot of different options

  • UK call centre and 300 local offices

  • Policies for those in need of minimal cover, right up to those with manor houses and estates

  • A mutual discount if you are an existing customer and choose to renew your home insurance with it

  • It doesn't provide policies for all areas and postcodes, and may exclude those in big cities

How to find the best price for your insurance policy

The price you pay for your insurance will depend upon your circ*mstances including the size of your home and how much cover you’re after. The policies from NFU Mutual offer quite a lot of flexibility so whether you rent a one-bed flat or you own a 10-bed mansion you should be able to find cover.

It will also depend on lots of other things including your address, your profession, your history of claims, and how much cover you’re after. When you apply for an NFU home insurance quote, it will ask you questions about your life, work, and home and from these it will calculate a price for you. This is unique to you and will reflect how likely it is that you will make a claim on your policy.

You don’t have to take the price you’re given, and you may want to look around and compare this with other insurers. It’s an extremely competitive market so it’s worth taking the time to thoroughly look at the company, the policy, what people think of it, and then the price before you make a decision.

You can contact NFU Mutual in the following ways:

NFU Mutual and the coronavirus pandemic

The insurer has made several changes because of the pandemic, which are all listed on its website. They include the following:

NFU home insurance policies are still valid if you are working from home as long as you’re doing office work. If you’re not running your business from home, it is offering some business equipment cover as standard so double check your policy to see what’s included. If you’re meeting business clients at home you may also need to change your policy.

If you’ve been away from your home for 60 days or more and it’s been unoccupied because of the virus, no changes will be made to your policy. However, the insurer says you should try to make alternative arrangements if possible, such as a neighbour going into the property to check it if possible.

NFU Mutual is still letting its tradespeople come into houses to carry out jobs such as fixing boilers however they will be making sure social distancing measures are in place.

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4th January 2021

As a seasoned insurance expert with extensive knowledge in the field, I can provide valuable insights into the concepts and terms mentioned in the article about NFU Mutual home insurance.

NFU Mutual Overview: NFU Mutual, established in 1910, originated as a union for local farmers and has grown to serve over 900,000 members. It operates from 300 local offices and online, offering a variety of insurance services, including home insurance.

Types of Home Insurance:

  1. Single Buildings or Contents Insurance Policy: Covers either the structure of the home or personal belongings.

  2. Combined Buildings and Contents Policy: Provides comprehensive coverage for both the structure and belongings.

  3. Bespoke Buildings and Contents Insurance Policy: Tailored for larger houses or high-value belongings.

Key Features of NFU Mutual Home Insurance:

  • Mutual Bonus Discount: As a mutual company with no shareholders, NFU Mutual offers a mutual bonus discount to customers who renew policies.

  • Personalization: Emphasis on providing a personalized experience and tailoring products to meet individual needs.

  • Community Support: NFU Mutual is committed to supporting local communities, protecting the environment, and championing rural communities.

Insurance Reviews:

  1. Trustpilot: Scores 2.2 out of 5, with an average rating of 'poor' from 220 customer reviews.

  2. Defaqto: The independent ratings agency gives NFU Mutual's home insurance policy a 5-star rating.

Types of Cover Provided:

  1. Buildings Insurance: Protects the structure of the home, including alternative accommodation costs and accidental damage coverage.

  2. Contents Insurance: Covers personal belongings within the home, with additional coverage for students when away.

Add-ons for Home Insurance: Several optional elements are available for an additional cost, including full accidental damage cover, home emergency cover, legal cover, personal belongings away from home, and more.

Exclusions: Common exclusions include damage due to lack of maintenance, wear and tear, storm or flood damage to gates or fences, and theft of student belongings from an unlocked room.

Bespoke Home Insurance: Tailored for high-value homes, estates, and manor houses, offering coverage for accidental damage, worldwide contents cover, alternative accommodation, legal expenses, and more.

Pros and Cons of NFU Mutual Insurance:

  • Pros: Flexible policies, UK call center, mutual discount, policies for various property sizes.

  • Cons: Limited coverage in certain areas and postcodes, potential exclusions for those in big cities.

Pricing Considerations: The price of insurance depends on various factors, including the size of the home, cover requirements, address, profession, claims history, and other individual circ*mstances.

Contact Information: NFU Mutual can be contacted via phone (0808 302 5793), website (), or post (Tiddington Road, Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire CV37 7BJ).

COVID-19 Impact: NFU Mutual has made adjustments due to the pandemic, such as maintaining the validity of home insurance policies for those working from home and providing business equipment cover for non-business-related work at home. The insurer also addresses unoccupied homes during the pandemic and ensures social distancing measures for tradespeople.

In conclusion, NFU Mutual offers a reputable and flexible home insurance solution, backed by a century of experience and a commitment to personalized service. Consumers are encouraged to review policy details, compare reviews, and consider individual needs when choosing home insurance coverage.

NFU Mutual home insurance | Bankrate UK (2024)
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