Lashana Lynch Butt (2024)

1. 007 star Lashana Lynch did 600 sit-ups per day to get ready for ... - T3

  • 6 nov 2021 · ... butt-kicking role in the film – but her initial stunt test with the Bond stunt and armoury teams gave her a flavour for what was to come.

  • James Bond actress needed crazy core strength to punch, dropkick and somersault her way through filming

2. Lashana Lynch: 'A black Bond would be big, but I need the world to not ...

  • 30 nov 2020 · Lashana Lynch, the first female 007 throws shade on the keyboard warriors and reveals how she saw her own future... and took it.

  • Taking on one billion-dollar franchise might seem daunting for an up-and-coming actor, but for Lashana Lynch two still isn’t enough. From theatre to Marvel to Bond, the first female 007 throws shade on the keyboard warriors and reveals how she saw her own future... and took it.

3. Lashana Lynch Is The Bond Star We've Been Waiting For

  • 2 okt 2021 · Lashana Lynch is ready to cause every bit the stir in No Time Die, the 25th James Bond film. Here, British Vogue meets Lashana Lynch, ...

  • “I told Phoebe I wanted to represent a woman who was going through real issues,” says Lynch. “If the character has just broken up with her boyfriend, I want people to see that but know she’s turned up to work and is going to do the best job possible. I had an idea where Nomi could be on her period at one point. Phoebe said, ‘Let’s write it.’”

4. LASHANA LYNCH - Hollywood Authentic

  • 13 okt 2022 · But I didn't think of it as acting. And I didn't want to be an actor. I wanted to sing, which is what I did until I ended up at drama school ...

  • When I was a really young child watching Disney films, I enjoyed the escapism. It was about being somewhere other than in the room, a distraction; and after being immersed for two hours I’d pretend to stay in that world for a while longer. I liked impersonating the characters, the manipulation of the voice and

5. Speak Up: Lashana Lynch on ear for eye | Interviews | Roger Ebert

6. Lashana Lynch Talks Being the First Black Female 007 - POPSUGAR

  • 6 nov 2020 · So stay in your lane. Or I will put a bullet in your knee." Personally, that kind of introduction screams "new favorite character," but the ...

  • In an interview with Harpers' Bazaar, Lashana Lynch opened up about the backlash she faced after being cast as James Bond's first Black female 007.

7. Lashana Lynch Plays 'Ask Me Anything' And Talks Luck, Staying ...

  • 5 jan 2024 · ' lashana lynch interview 2024. Ekua King. But if acting - or indeed stunt work - hadn't worked out for the star, she explains that she'd ...

  • Just FYI

8. These Lashana Lynch Outfits Prove That She's A Style Star

  • 6 okt 2022 · Lashana Lynch is about to light up cinema screens in not one but two of autumn's most-anticipated movies - Matilda and The Woman King - and ...

  • At yesterday's premiere of Matilda, Lashana Lynch proved her style star status. Read more on Grazia.

9. 'It was buy eggs or put money on my travel card': actor Lashana Lynch ...

  • 27 jan 2024 · She shot to fame as the first female 007 and is now tackling reggae royalty as Marley's wife, Rita. But the actor hasn't always had it easy ...

  • She shot to fame as the first female 007 and is now tackling reggae royalty as Marley’s wife, Rita. But the actor hasn’t always had it easy in an industry hostile to people without a safety net

10. Lashana Lynch finally lets it be known — she can sing (and fight)

  • 4 jan 2023 · From the outside in, Izogie presents as very strong but has this deep vulnerability that she masks,” says Lashana Lynch in comparing her “ ...

  • With two films out this season — "The Woman King" and "Matilda the Musical" — Lashana Lynch shows off vastly different aspects of herself.

11. Lashana Lynch on making history as 007 in 'No Time to Die' | AP News

  • 8 okt 2021 · But the film, perhaps more than any previous Bond movie, derives much of its punch from its women. That includes Léa Seydoux, as Bond's most ...

  • Only when Lashana Lynch was in the midst of stunt training did she finally learn just who she would be playing in the James Bond film “No Time to Die.”

12. Lashana Lynch's Best Instagrams | POPSUGAR Celebrity

  • 11 mei 2019 · Lashana Lynch Doesn't Just ... We've already got deep and meaningful Instagram crushes on the likes of Emma Watson and Emilia Clark, but ...

  • She's already so cool, you guys.

13. Lashana Lynch on ear for eye, Bond and why there's still a long way to ...

  • 9 okt 2021 · Power polo necks and chic high waist slacks give the character her own take on the off-duty model look synonymous with James Bond. But Lynch ...

  • The actor who challenges Daniel Craig for the biggest role in ‘No Time to Die’ talks to Annabel Nugent about shooting 007, online abuse, the importance of her Jamaican heritage and her role in debbie tucker green’s searing new drama

14. Lashana Lynch's Role As 007 Reminds Us Why Hollywood's ...

  • 16 jun 2020 · Lashana Lynch is a dark-skinned, African-Jamaican woman with ... but equally the real-life affairs of his wife Ann Fleming. Arguably ...

  • 007 Is A Black Woman, Did We Read That right?

15. Lashana Lynch, the first female 007: 'I never had a plan B' - The Guardian

  • 12 sep 2021 · ' But it just gave me an insight into the fierceness and stealth-like qualities they were looking for.” Watch the trailer for James Bond: No ...

  • Lashana Lynch, star of the new Bond movie, talks to Tim Lewis about ninja training, doing her own stunts and why now’s the time for an agent who’s a ‘real woman’

16. Lashana Lynch Probably Isn't the New James Bond, but She Is the New 007

  • 21 jul 2019 · British actress Lashana Lynch isn't the new James Bond, but she's taken over Daniel Craig's 007 moniker in the next movie, Bond 25.

  • The iconic role of Bond apparently won't be played by a woman of color after all.

17. Lashana Lynch on making history as 007 in No Time to Die - Dawn Images

  • 9 okt 2021 · But the film, perhaps more than any previous Bond movie, derives much of its punch from its women. That includes Léa Seydoux, as Bond's most ...

  • She is the first Black woman to play a 00 agent in the six decades of James Bond movies.

18. Who is Lashana Lynch – the new 007? 5 things you may not know ...

  • 17 jul 2019 · Jude Law and Annette Bening might have been more attention-grabbing supporting actors, but Maria and her daughter Monica (a future superhero in ...

  • British actress who takes over iconic ‘licence to kill’ is the latest in a recent line of progressive casting

19. Lashana Lynch: 'A lot of nations need to own up to their history'

  • 14 okt 2021 · Every night was different. It's the Royal Court, so yes, it's quite a white audience. But also there was some really cool, radical young people ...

  • The British star of ear for eye on why the conversation around race needs to extend beyond the Black community.

Lashana Lynch Butt (2024)
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